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Buying a home  is a big decision – whether it’s your first home or a vacation home. 

To help you make smart decisions, it’s important to think with your head and not your heart.

Get pre-approval for a mortgage: It is important to know the price range in which you should be looking.

Create your list of needs and wants that you would like in your new home.

No big purchases (cars), no financing (furniture or appliances), no new debt 

(Don’t run up your credit cards with purchases.)

Do not change employment

Investigate 5% vs 20% downpayment and hoe that can impact your choices.

Do your homework

Let EXIT REALTY WELCOME HOME do the homework for you. Get informed about the buying process before it begins to save time, hassle and money.

We do our homework

 We do extensive personality profile training with our REALTORS® to make sure they now how to best serve our clients and we want to match you with the best fit of REALTOR for you.

We have many happy clients that would be willing to share their "real estate story" with you

Understand what you’re signing

Before you sign a buyer representation agreement, make sure you know what it means, how long it will be in effect and what the different clauses mean. Ask questions and seek independent legal advice if you’d like a second opinion. We can provide you with plain language forms to aid in your understanding of the process. There are no dumb questions. We're here to be educators throughout the process. Whether you have bought and sold several times or this is your first time our service is tailored to fit your specific needs

Keep budget in mind:

  • Remember to include legal fees, land transfer tax, mortgage insurance and utility hookups in your total cost.
  • Know the costs of a home inspection and home appraisal or survey.

Recreational, Land, cottage properties

Educate yourself on various financing options to make your dream recreation property a reality!

Make a list and clearly define “MUST haves” and your “WOULD LIKE to haves.”

Choose a sales representative that is well-versed in recreation properties. 

If you plan to building or renovate, search for reliable contractors that are knowledgeable with construction regulations in that area. 

Do your research! Owning a recreation property is NOT the same as owning a home. 

Finding and retaining good tenants

Background info: SIN, identification, credit report, online reconnaissance.

Get contact info on previous 2 or 3 landlords, ask if they’ve ever been evicted or sued.

Verify details on employment and income.

Have a written lease or tenancy agreement.

Follow the law and be a professional landlord.

Don’t hesitate to deliver a Notice to Vacate.

Make renters’ insurance a requirement.

Avoiding bad tenants is done at the beginning of the process.

Read the Residential Tenancies Act: know it better than your tenants

Keep them honest: schedule smoke detector checks to view units regularly

Video and inventory before tenants move in.

Deal with complaints as quickly as possible.

Lenders have indicated if appraiser reports marijuana plants in a property, they won’t lend.

Should you rent or should you buy?

Compound interest

The most prevalent form of interest is compound interest,which calculates interest accrual not only on the principal but on the unpaid interest as well. As a result, an account with compounded interest will grow faster than the less common simple interest account. Naturally, an amount will increase faster the more frequently the interest is compounded. Many consumers will be familiar with compound interest,which is used by credit card companies and financingagencies. However, compound interest can also work for you in the form of a savings account or money market account, which will reward more the longer your funds remain untapped. For additional information regarding compound interest, check with your bank or financial adviser. A general theory called the Rule of 72 can be used to figure out roughly how long it will take to double your original principal. If you divide 72 by your average interest rate, your answer will be the number of years it will take to double the principal. Howeve

r, this does not take into account several factors such as taxable growth (if applicable) and inflation

Compound Interest Calculator –

A handy form that will compile your compound interest, given principal, interest rate and length.

University Cost Calculator –

Will help determine your post-secondary education cost.

Envelope Budgeting – An entire site devoted to the art of envelope budgeting, which involves setting aside money on a regular basis to be used for aspecific purpose.

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