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What our customers are saying

Tamara and Larry helped my parents sell their home quickly and easily. It was a hard decision for my dad to make to sell his life long home, but Tamara and Larry helped ease his worries and made the process seamless for them.

Leigh Folkeard

What our customers are saying

These two wonderful people helped us purchase our first home 7 years ago. We were so happy with their work we recently went back to them to help us sell and purchase our second home! In doing so our house never even hit the market and they had it sold!

Amanda Weedon

What our customers are saying

Thank you Larry and Tamara you exceeded my expectations you guys went way above what I expected thank you for closing a huge chapter in my life with love and compassion and just want to say you guys rock and I will miss Stayner because of people like you thank you so much for caring and going that extra mile

Leslie Pittendreigh

What our customers are saying

Larry and Tamara are two hard working individuals who not only put pride in their family but also pride in their job to be able to sell your home! They offer a lot of knowledge. They are always out in the community offering help, or just supporting ongoing events. I have never seen so many sold signs in Stayner in a long time until they came along. Congrats on your business and I know when it's time for me to sell this is where I'll be!

Lori Walker Curl

I'm sitting here thinking to myself...where do I even begin! I think we have quite a unique story with Larry and Tamara hahah. Being first time home buyers I'm sure they heard loads of questions (mainly from me). Tamara walked us through every little step, answered all my silly questions with grace, worked with out crazy schedule (even offering to drive out to the middle of a field to meet with my husband), the list could go on and on. I truly felt they had our best interest at heart. Not only did we move into our very own home which we love, but we had the privilege of having Larry and Tamara as neighbors for a while. Which by the way we still miss ;)

They have never hesitated to answer any questions we have had since, home related or not. They are a wonderful part of the community here and we absolutely love seeing their friendly faces often. Larry and Tamara are not only our real estate people but will forever be a part of our story. And I am truly grateful for that ❤️

Carrie Bell

What our customers are saying

It is my pleasure to offer a top-notch review of the realtors at EXIT Realty. These sincere and kind individuals, who have shown me rental properties and referred renters to me, rate extremely high in honesty, professionalism and integrity. These proven qualities are, to me, most important in inspiring trust and confidence. Kudos to EXIT

Kevin Arnott

First time homebuyer

Tamara and Larry are the best! Very knowledgeable and make the experience as stress free as possible. You fall in love with a house and they are so excited for you! I've known these wonderful people since I was little and I knew they had my best interest in mind from the beginning. Always there when i'm in a panic.. calming my nerves and making big things small.. answering all my question.. the stupid ones included! Thanks for making the drive to us and being part of this experience with us! And for working through the weather lol :)

- Bree Mattice 

What our customers are saying

Awesome, caring and thorough team of realtors. 

Would highly recommend!!

Cayra Deluna

Cayra Deluna

What our customers are saying

I am so very pleased with the excellent services that I received from Larry and Tamara Culhum. They have been very supportive every step of the way. Thank you for being so amazing!

Karen Cleary

What our customers are saying

You couldn't ask for 2 more caring individuals. I have had the great pleasure in both a professional work environment as well as on a personal level with this amazing couple. Active community involvement coupled with passion for their career brings them to top of their game. Congratulations on the new location and new business envelope. I look forward to working with you both in the future!

Corry Winchester 

What our customers are saying

Larry and Tamara Culham are fantastic people to deal with when buying/selling/renting real estate. They really listen and care about the needs and wants of their clients. They have a great love for the Georgian Bay area and are very down to earth and easy to deal with. They have great recommendations for other professionals you may need to deal with while buying/selling/renting real estate. EXIT Realty has really scored big with Larry and Tamara and their associates.

April Gennings

First time homebuyers

Kurt and I would like to thank Tamara and Larry for the christmas card they sent us:) we appreciate all the hard work you guys did to find us our first home!

-Linds Davidson

What our customers are saying

Although I have not purchase a home from EXIT Realty Welcome Home, I have known Tamara & Larry Culham for many years. Both are very knowledgeable in the Realty field, they dedicated to finding the right home for their clients. They show great pride in their community and are fine representatives of the town of Stayner.

Frieda Linke

What our customers are saying

Looking to buy or sell your home?

Well then you can't go wrong with Larry and Tamara Culham as your agents.

Longtime residents of the area, they have a solid understanding of the communities that make up the Georgian Triangle. And because of that they can expose you to a variety of housing options in different parts of the region.

What you'll also get with Larry and Tamara is people that really listen to what you are looking for and what you need. They are also good at making you aware of other things to consider - something you want when you are selling or buying a home.

Larry's years as a journalist in the area and as an active member of the Stayner Chamber of Commerce also give him a unique insight into the region, which is helpful to people that are perhaps not from the area.

Tamara's skills as an artist and active member of the Stayner Chamber of Commerce also make her a strong ally in the hunt for the right home.

You really can't go wrong with this duo. They are professional, honest, hard-working, relaxed and friendly.

And it's for all these reasons that we have used their services twice now - once in 2006 and then in 2012. And, someday, we'll use them again.

Michael  Gennings, Wasaga Beach.

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Just want to thank Larry and Tamara for hosting their Grand Opening Pool Party at the pool in Stayner! =) It was a fun family event with free swimming, popcorn, cake, and games for the children including Giant Jenga and Knock Down The Pokémon Cans. Thanks again for a good time!

Jen Freedom Mountenay

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 It truly is a privilege to help people achieve their real estate goals. We just loved working with John and Lisa and their family.

We look forward to years of friendship ahead and wish them well on their new adventure.

This note made my day!

I encourage you all to support John and Lisa at the Stayner Home Hardware . Shop Local!

It is always a pleasure to work with Larry and Tamara. When they sold our home, we were delighted with their hard work and attention to detail. Since that time we have worked with Larry and Tamara on numerous other projects, they are tireless volunteers with an enthusiasm for Clearview that is unquestionable.

Lisa Squire

Tamara and Larry:

I want to take a second to thank you publicly for all you have done for me. You both are community minded in how you run your business and support the other businesses in the community. You encourage people to make Stayner home and do your best to welcome them with open arms. You also work tirelessly for your clients to ensure that every aspect of buying and selling a home is as painless as possible. I can say this because I have both purchased and sold my home with you. I was evident to me that I was a priority even when you had so much more going on behind the scenes!


Your friend

Hannah T

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First time homebuyers

My husband and I first moved to Stayner in 2010, and rented a home on the outskirts of town. At first we weren’t sure if this quaint little village was really for us, but it didn’t take long for our views to change. When they say Stayner is the “Town of Friendly People”, they are certainly right! Soon enough we had become familiar faces at the local stores, restaurants and community events. We really started to feel like Stayner was our home. However, in all honesty, credit must be given to the Culham family, as they are one of the main reasons we felt so welcomed. Tamara immediately reached out to help me get involved in town and introduce our family to the surrounding community. Having grown up in the small town of Markdale, I was very aware that new comers and a new business can take time to be accepted. So you can understand why we were so thrilled when Tamara and Larry welcomed our family with open arms and helped to support and promote my local business.

In January 2012, my husband and I started to consider the purchase of our first home. So naturally we thought of Stayner and the Culham’s...and boy are we glad we did! Not only did Tamara provide us with all the information we were looking for, she went above and beyond to educate us on the whole process of buying our first home. We soon realized what a great investment it would be, and we were home owners in a matter of days! It was like a whirlwind or roller-coaster; everything happened so quickly. Tamara helped us stay calm and cool, well educated and most importantly excited. We felt she really “went to bat for us” and got us our dream home, at a dream price! We could not be happier to to be living here in Stayner and to have found such a wonderful, experienced and very well educated realtor, but most of all a great neighbor and friend!


Jennifer & Curtis Smith

Stayner, Ont


In February 2012 I, like many people came to a crossroads in my life. I needed to make a few very critical decisions. Decisions that would affect my personal and professional life.

One of these decisions was to purchase a home in the area, or return to Northern Ontario in search of a new home and job.

Being new to the area with no real plan in sight and no idea where to start I wandered in and asked for Tamara Culham. I knew this name as my roommate at the time had purchased her home with Tamara.

I sat down and told Tamara my story. I then proceeded to tell her I didn’t know what I was supposed to do but I figured I needed to start somewhere.

Tamara listened carefully and then calmly said to me, Hannah....if it takes 10 days or ten months, I will find the perfect home for you.

We went through the typical details involved in purchasing a home, especially for a first time homebuyer. Budget, likes, dislikes, geographic location, and preparedness. I had very little saved as purchasing a home was not at the top of my priority list at this point, but I was familiar with the market and what was available in the area. I also knew what I wanted in a home, and where I wanted to purchase. I had shown up to her office with a property in mind that I had found on MLS the day before. She agreed it was a good starting point and added a 3 others as suggestions to gain an idea of what else could be available to me.

The following day I met Tamara and Larry at their office to view all four homes. By the time I saw the fourth house I knew what my decision was going to be. I was going to purchase my first home! This experience was by no means a smooth one. But with the confident guidance of Tamara and Larry I was able to close on the home in April.

Both Tamara and Larry were available to take my calls, meet me at their office or by email at a moments notice. They made me feel as though I was a family member and took very good care of me. I never once felt as though I was just another sale, or paycheck to them. In fact I felt as though I was becoming a part of a community. Tamara instilled confidence in me. Reassured me that I was capable and despite my apprehension, prepared to purchase my first home on my own.

I would gladly work with Tamara and Larry for my next sale or purchase. I would also confidently recommend the team to veteran and new home buyers alike.


Hannah Tulloch



August 8, 2011

Larry and Tamara Culham have been the most professional and compassionate real estate agents of all time. From the time of listing my property to the completion of the sale, answers were always given, updates available, and confidence in there efforts were obvious to everyone. Hints to maximize the potential of our home were shared also. I have absolutely no problem to say that if ever we decide to sell again, their number would be the FIRST one called. Honesty and integrity were utmost in their professionalism. They stand behind all decisions and help you to the uttermost. I now consider them not just agents, but friends!

Dianne Richardson,

Stayner, ON


July 22, 2011

I have been working with Tamarra Culham on a professional level for over a year with a number of mutual clients. As a mortgage agent – it is very important that Realtors are very efficient at getting the correct documents to me in a very timely manner. When dealing with Tamarra – I have absolutely no worries or concerns on that level as she is very organized and professional. Tamara has an awesome personality that gels with everyone. Her level of honesty and integrity can only be described as A1, She is a fantastic referral source, very experienced realtor and I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone who is thinking of buying or selling theirhome.

Angela Jenkins January 09, 2008


Re: Customer satisfaction

Dear Tamara Culham

Tamara, I could not possibly allow the closing of our property to come and go without

taking a few minutes to reflect and then articulate to you just how much your standard of

service excellence has meant to myself and my family. Through your personalized and

innovative solutions, we were able to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and sell

our home (a home that had been listed for an extended period of time,) in one short week.

Through the art of professionally preparing our home, you and you alone, improved

the overall appeal of our home and in doing so, created immediate buyer interest. By

combining expert merchandising techniques with current design trends, you created an

inviting space within our home, so inviting, that after all of our furniture had been moved

into our new home, our un-sold and unfurnished home appeared welcoming and warm.

In closing, both Jim and I would like to thank you Tamara for your knowledge, expertise

and high standard of personalized service. As of today, we are living snug as two bugs

in a rug in our new home and we cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is for us to

know, that in one short week from now, we will own only one home, not two.

With continued success and gratitude, we thank you.

Jaci and Jim McIntosh 

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